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Book Snap Inc is a universal platform for college students to trade used textbooks with their peers at an affordable rate. For current college students and book admirers who seek an alternative way to engage in saving money on their scholastic endeavors, Book Snap is an excellent educational service because it provides convenience to student's schedules and saves them money while helping the environment by putting second-hand books into good use. To expand its market, Book Snap will maintain a consumer-centric by utilizing optimization tools to conceptualize new business insights that capitalize opportunity, maintain competitive advantage, and improve profitability. Book Snap will focus its business tactics on eliminating constraints, creating a segmentation scheme, and valuing its primary objective: providing an affordable alternative for institutional commitments.

The market is segmented into five different sectors. The company’s rationale was to enhance its comprehension of consumer’s and proceed to build its innovation off of their values. The company’s advantage will begin with its operational capabilities, such as distribution, price, and the services offered, and proceed to transform the market by embracing external trends and resisting proxies. Book Snap will define its market segment in both Micro and Macro analytical levels to isolate its primary and secondary audiences and innovate its services from their consumer insights.

The app will allow users to search for the book they need, and our algorithm will immediately find other students near your area who are offering to trade or sell that specific book. The company will handle confidential information by permitting access to employees based on their role in the company in case of any misuse of the company information we can locate the issue and the department involved.

With environmental concerns growing around the world we at Book Snap strive to be an eco - friendly organization that cares for our environment and believes small change can have a huge impact in our future. This is why by providing our service we will be able to save millions of trees, make students lives easier, as well as heavily reduce their textbook expenses. 



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Text book prices have risen 67 % from 2008 to 2018 

Riley Jones

80 % of textbook industry is dominated by 5 big publishers

Payton Hillman

70 % of students avoid buying textbooks given high prices 

Reese Mathers

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